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General Nonsense

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So what sort of nonsense can you find here? Well.... basically fanfiction and wallpapers, both of which, are a part of  but here are direct links to them anyway. And musings too scattered to be considered a full-on rant.

Fan Fiction


The things I endure....
Have you ever caught yourself watching a really crappy movie because you just happen to know the actors from this other show you like? I have. Plenty of times. Of course that's just a testament to my lack of social life more than anything else. (If I didn't live in tropical country, I'd probably be as pasty as a dough). So I thought... "hey, since I watch these movies, why not review them yah?" Ah... the benefits of satellite tv... (And more often than not, I'm not watching the big-budget movies they've been on. I get the really obscure, "huh?"-inducing ones)

Imagine, the reason why I got hooked on The Powerpuff Girls was because I was looking for the episode where Mark Hamill was the white cat! Now, if I can figure out if there's any way for me to catch Spiderman, and listen to Mira Furlan be Silver Sable....

Road Raiders

Murderous Vision

Night of The Living Dead

Free Fall

(new!) Hexed

My B5 delirium (a.k.a Reasons why I don't have a Life):
And of course, let's not forget the requisite of being a manic fan: you start seeing B5 connections everywhere.... some silly, some useless, some downright inane, but let's get down to it, shall we??

If you care to check out Stephen King's third anthology of short stories, 'Nightmares and Dreamscapes', check out the story entitled 'Popsy'. The main dude (who isn't a very upright citizen to begin with) has the last name of Sheridan. Don't ask me his first name, it was some horrid low-life name I don't care to remember. Not one of my favourites, but some of the other stories are absolutely brilliant.

If you happen to browse (and like me, read) through romance novels (hey, they're like the literary version of Hindi movies!!! Or is the other way around?), go look out for Judith McNaught's 'Until You'. I read it ages ago, but when I re-read it (thanks to the fact my friend has a copy), it tickled me pink. Why? Ok, well... ehehee... the girl's name is Sheridan ( I mean it! Her actual Christian name) and the guy is Stephen. Now if you're like me, and have a couple of screws loose, you can try to envision a whole slash fic situation going on. Not a pretty sight(once you get your breath back from all the snickering).

Michael Garibaldi's last name can be a very good source of joy... if you know the right language. Garibaldi... when you separate it into two (Malay) words, it becomes gari and baldi. And together, in very bad broken Malay, it takes on the meaning of 'chain the pail'. I tell you, it's hilarious. Especially when it's in the middle of the night, and you start laughing for no apparent reason.

I've always figured that Valen is a pretty uncommon name (well, except among the Minbaris), but apparently, it's quite common for the Chinese to pick it as their Western name. Browsing through a magazine the other day, reading this article about Most Embarassing Moments (have I got a few...), the girl thought she was going to catch her bf two-timing her with a girl called Valen. Turns out it's a guy. Famous example of a person with this name (non-Minbari): Taiwanese singer Valen Hsu. You might check out this duet she has done with Enrique Iglesias (yuck, I hate Enrique Iglesias).

Any reference to flarn would immediately bring to mind those fictional small cubed green things that looks like wasabe (it's actually tofu), not the actual spongy concoction you'll find in cake shops. Oh yes, wasabe is the green mustard paste you eat with sushi.

Visit this site. I got a printout from this during one of my classes. About cosmology, and all sorts of magic. Really mystical stuff, but amazingly there's quite a Babylon 5 connection. Here's a sample, about the First Ones:

"...These semi-legendary creatures from the dawn of time are said to have formed the physical world into discrete areas.... Some say the Mind of the Universe created them during the early phases... that formed the Universe in order to ensure things turn out correctly.
    The First Ones discovered the fundamental law of reality, that their thoughts could influence the world around them.... began to form patterns in the sea of chaos, eventually forming worlds.
    ...what happened to (them)... is a mystery. Some say they still exist and  have become deities of various religions.... claim that the race became physical creatures... now walk among us..."

Pretty cool, especially since I just finished 'The Science of Discworld' and all its talk about narrativium... Go check it out, there's more stuff about technomagic.

Go watch The Making of X-Men programme, disguised as Mutant Watch, a coverage of Senator's Kelly bid to get the Mutant Registration Act approved. Wait till the credits. There's a guy, the Steadicam Operator, whose name is Marcus Cole. I'm sad, aren't I?

In Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire (Book 4), the Bulgarian National Quidditch team has a player by the name of Ivanova. Since the game is pretty much equal opportunites... hehehe. Anyway, I'd just like to say that the series is really heating up, and getting all arc-y. If Book 3 is The Coming of Shadows, then Book 4 can be considered middle Season 3 of B5. The enemy has shown themselves, and there's need for allies. I might be getting the timeline mixed up, but consider the previous sentence pretty much true.

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