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Road Raiders

Who did I watch it for? Bruce Boxleitner (John Sheridan)

What is it about? WW2 story about a lacklustre version of the Dirty Dozen in the Phillipines (I tell you right now, whatever accent Tia Carrere did, it wasn't Filipino)

Was it any good? I lasted till the end, but the ending really made me cringe. It was so~~ *happy*.

No, seriously, why did you endure it? Because I made my friend tape it (I had no sat-tv then see), and if I walked out then, she'd really kill me for making her waste 1 and 1/2 hours of her life. And besides, we're going lunch together after that.

Will you watch it again? NO! At least Starship Troopers had gore. Or maybe if I watch it along with BSB's 'I want It That Way' video, just to prove how effective fabric bleaches are.


  My friend has more... refined sensibilities than I do, so basically, it was she who writhing on the floor throughout the entire movie. Then again, she watched it already, so knew what to anticipate. The suckiness of this movie didn't reach me right until the VERY end.

  It was.............. ok, I guess ::shrugs noncommitally:: I totally hate the chick, she has absolutely no spine, despite being a so-called spy. Don't ask me to provide you a coherent review, because I just couldn't bring myself to care for the characters. How bad was it? We were 10 minutes into the movie, when I realised, hell, I don't even know their names! Not even the leads' names, much less the supporting characters.

  Hmm... let's see, is there anything worth noting? Not even a worthy snogging scene. But there was the cigars wedged permanently between BB's mouth and the preternaturally white dress (??) suit that never seems to get dirty. In the middle of a hot, dirty, Asian jungle. It's amazing, I tell you.

  OH! OH! OH! I remember!!!! Ok, if you really want to see BB dressed up as a nun, and riding a bicycle, showing those lovely legs (~.^), then go ahead, watch the movie!

(Oh well, at least I got my friend to get all googly-eyed for a while when I told her his height. She has a thing for men who are 6ft over...)

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