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31st August 2000

who needs an online bookmark service?

What little I have for your your reading pleasure

Hello, and welcome to my little Babylon 5 section. Let's see, what will you find here...
hmmm... oh right, reviews, ravings and general nonsense. Just like the title says! What do you know.... Well, it's a part of Nina and Tj's Showoff Site , and if you like you can check it out as well. Anyway, enjoy your visit! I've used pictures available on numerous other sites and uh... manipulated(??) them using Paint Shop Pro v6.0.

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Disclaimer: This site reviews episodes and movies of Babylon 5, the intellectual property of JMS, legally owned by (at some point or the other) PTEN, Warner Bros. and TNT, among other people. This site is meant for enjoyment, not infringement of any sort. Don't sue me, I'm not worth it.
This site also contains fan fiction and desktop wallpapers, among others. No infringement is intended.
I repeat, this site is merely an expression of the webmistress' opinions and doesn't mean to offend.

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