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Murderous Vision

Who did I watch it for? Bruce Boxleitner (John Sheridan)

What is it about? The cop fella enlists the help of this psychic to hunt down this really disgusting face-ripping serial killer. Oh yeah, there's a sidekick too. (there's always one)

Was it any good? Well he didn't snog the chick in the end or anything, so high marks for respectability. Oh course, everything else is quite run-of-the-mill....

No, seriously, why did you endure it? Because.... HE"S GOOD-LOOKING! Ask my friends, I've watched lesser movies if my fave guys are in it. (One very good example: the lovely Aaron Kwok and the Hong Kong version of the Street Fighters movie. It was fun, but he was in it for less than 10 minutes! And he was Ryu!!! At least Van Damme wasn't in it)

But will you watch it again? If you strap me down with duct tape. I never liked cop movies much (except if say... Jet Li's in it. Lethal Weapon 4 tonight!!). Except for the Police Story series, but that was because Jackie Chan was all funny like, and I happen to like Maggie Cheung (despite she not doing much in any of the movies). And don't forget Michelle Yeoh!


  I didn't exactly wanted to watch it, but it just so happened, Z'ha'dum was shown the night before and I taped it, and I decided to watch it again. Now, I vowed as soon as the show was over, I will go straight to university. Not like there's any class or anything, but I wanted to hang out at the computer lab for a while.

  As soon, as I was done, I turned off the VCR and the tv automatically turned to Cinemax and lo, it was this movie! Of course, actually, it was more like, lo, there was Bruce Boxleitner! I think I fell backwards on the couch at that point because I was so surprised. What are the odds, huh? And he was a rather good-looking bloke and all.

  And so, I was having a little mental tussle with myself. To go or not to go? In the end, I didn't. Because.... oh, just because.

  So did I enjoy myself? If it was a lazy Sunday afternoon, probably. But I was a bit harried that morning, and anyway, I think I cursed myself for spending 1 hour (I missed the beginning) of my life watching it. Oh well.... I got my B5 fix and more. Guess I shouldn't complain.

  For what it's worth, the killer's a total loser, but man, has he got the most awful way to murder someone. He takes off their faces with a surgical knife or something. Totally disgusting. You never see him in action, but being blessed with an active imagination have its drawbacks, especially when you see all these faces floating on individual jars of formaline (or alcohol).

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