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Night of The Living Dead

Who did I watch it for? Patricia Tallman (Lyta Alexander) and Tony Todd (Capt. Anderson/ A Call to Arms)

What is it about? Cult classic this one; the first part of a trilogy where zombies terrorises the living daylights out of the living.

Was it any good? Hey, it's a cult classic. Who wants to argue with that? Rather depressing ending, and I was too much in my proletarian mindset (translation: don't wanna think no more) to figure out the orange-y credits at the end.

No, seriously, why did you endure it? Because I'm done doing my exams, and I wasn't supposed to start working yet, and so I have absolutely nothing to do. It was lazy Thursday afternoon, I really don't want to be assaulted by an endless stream of music videos, Buffy was pre-empted of the week, had to get my horror fix. (Pre-empted by a documentary on Prince William, of all things.)

Will you watch it again? Sure! I need to watch it again to appreciate the gore (Wasn't much. Got a couple of good scares), but seriously it was, in a way, a study on how we cope with pressure (and dickheads dressed up in tuxedos).


  I like it. Although I don't generally like horror movies (a shocking but true fact), but this one was ok. Maybe because it wasn't scary as much as it was hopeless. And I kinda like stuff like that. Although I didn't intend to watch it that way, I was saying to myself, "Ok, I'll just watch it till she dies." Who knew? She lasted till the end!!!!

  Not a bad way to spend afternoon actually. Can't believe I've missed it before, it was on its last rerun for the month!

  I think it was before her work on The Gathering, because her hair's all short. Anyway, never mind about that, pretty good movie about going nuts in a world gone crazy. Scariest part has to be when TT just started laughing maniacally, trapped in the cellar, slowly dying, with every chance becoming the zombies he's fighting against.

  This is why I study the movie listings for the month, every month. Ha! And ppl say I have no life. :Þ

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