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Free Fall

Who did I watch it for? Bruce Boxleitner (John Sheridan) and BONUS!!!! Hayden Christensen!!! (THE Anakin Skywalker!!!)

What is it about? An investigator for the NTSB (Jaclyn Smith) investigates the causes for a series of plane crashes that marks the anniversary of a Seattle crash.

Was it any good? Well, not bad actually. Strong chick factor, since the lady's all cool like, and all the men were idiots. Interesting plot, in terms of the motivation of the killer. Nice looking CGI.

No, seriously, why did you endure it? Because it was actually quite nice. Cool fact that BB was never actually the good guy. In fact, inadvertently he's the bad guy, as with all these yellow-livered cowards are wont to be. He met a rather (un)timely death. AND... (and understand that I've never seen Higher Ground) I got to see the future ANAKIN SKYWALKER!!! How amazing is that??? I have the best luck!

But will you watch it again? Sure, I suppose, but airplane movies were never my cup of tea. But I'll watch it just to tide me over till SW:Episode 2. (I'm a sad, sad person)

    I woke up at midnight to watch this. Because I didn't want to wake up at 4 a.m to watch it (I have to draw the line somewhere. Or else it'll be like the time I 'accidentally' woke myself up to watch this Mark Hamill movie. Now, football... I don't mind at all). And it was quite good, I'm happy to say. Seeing that it was produced by Saban International (at this point alarms went off in my head to the tune "Argh!!! Power Rangers!"), it was decent. Good CGI.

    Of course I haven't watched all these airplane movies much (not my fave genre, and neither does my father seem to want to subject me to it, unlike say, all the Westerns. Ironic thing is, my dad works for an airline company), so when it was time for all the crashes, I kinda looked forward to it (oh, you don't actually see BB die. You see him scream, and see a laptop hit his forehead). But there was one point where one of the planes was filled with teens, and I just start chanting "Final Destination" (not to mention quoting select quotes from the movie), and (jokingly of course, I'm not that mad) began looking for Devon Sawa's character.

    And don't forget, I start twittering like an insane bird EVERY time HC's on. I feel the Force. Haha. Right. Anyway, his haircut reminded me of Joshua Jackson at times. This was done not too long ago, I suppose, he still looked rather young, but BB had that Caesar haircut, so it can't be that long. But he was good, but I AM biased. Oh, Jaclyn Smith was pretty cool too. I'm afraid I might be misplacing her, but she's a Charlie Angel, right? Sori-le... but all I remember was Farrah Fawcett's incredible hair. Besides, I liked the Bionic Woman more. Yup, I start early.... Genre rules!

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