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Who did I watch it for? Claudia Christian

What is it about? A man realises too late that blurring the line between fantasy and reality has seriously lethal results. (Wow, if I keep this up, I'd be able to work as those video blurps ppl. Fun!)

Was it any good? Ehhhhh.... well, it *was* campy.

No, seriously, why did you endure it? Because I was a bit in a foul mood, since I fell asleep as 'Atonement' was about to start, so I decided to watch this.

Will you watch it again? Weeeell, seeing CC being absolutely insane was rather fun, not to mention the put-on accent. I really really like the part when she was er... rolling herself on the floor in absolute frustration, and screaming "HOW MANY MEN DO I HAVE TO KILL IN THIS TOWN?????!!!" Damn funny.


    I remember seeing the video cover to this movie ages ago, so it was a bit nice seeing this on telly. Anyway, CC is this really homicidal supermodel (nice ring to it) who goes around on a killing spree to stop facts about her past being let out.

    I don't recognise anybody else, but the movie is one of 'em low-budgeted movies that's you can usually see marketed as a 'black comedy', and tries its best to be clever. It didn't really work, although I can really sympathise with the dude's Problem in Life (when you spell them in caps, you know it's serious), but tis a bit ridiculous-la. Characters are mostly 2D, but I think that's the point. It was meant to be fun, I think. There was another funny scene when a man got beaten by policemen (really, it is!), but anyway the film's just a string of gags.

    But it was fun seeing CC ham it up as this really psychopathic loon. I don't think I've ever seen anyone handle a knife with such glee (except my brother who likes to get a rise out of me; I have a phobia of people handling knives). And as one of the many who have expressed the same expression... wow, she's hot!

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