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Stuff I have (which I sometimes regret after considering the conditions of my wallet)
or from my friends (after much coaxing). Hope you enjoy reading it!

TV Zone Special Issue #36
The Nineties Special

Bruce Boxleitner: New adventures on the Final Frontier

Starburst Issue #238 (June 1998)
Crusade's a go!

Babylon 5 Talk

The Last Days of Babylon 5

Born to the Purple

Online Articles
I don't look around for much, but here's a good place to start (even better if you like Buffy as well):
The 11th Hour
(the reason why I'm only providing links is because all articles are kept in archives and not taken offline after a period of time)

Only those with considerable mention is included here. There's plenty others not really related articles that's just damn good.

(New!) July/August 2000 Issue:
Last Best Hope For Congress
(exclusive interview with Jerry Doyle)

Comic Reviews
(Rising Stars #5 onwards)

News on 26th June 2000:
Doyle speaks to The 11th Hour

June 1999 Issue
The 11 Hottest Guys in Genre
(Gary Cole of Crusade gets a billing)

July 1999 Issue
TV Reviews
(a review of Crusade)

December 1999 Issue
Warping Young Minds (direct link here)
(a step by step guide to bringing up kids on genre; Tron's got a good mention)

January 2000 Issue
Early Mourning
(about our favourites being killed off early)

Web Wide Worship
(Garibaldi got a spot)

March 2000 Issue
Sex! Sex! Sex!
(genre couples in TV history; John and Delenn!!)

Comic Reviews
(a review of Rising Stars)

Main | Updates | Reviews | Ravings | General Nonsense | Links