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31st August 2000
More general nonsense! Spotted 2 new things to be added in my B5 Delirium. General Nonsense. (am waiting to get my mitts on 'The Hidden'. Claudia Christian's an alien-possessed stripper. Sounds like fun!)

13th August 2000
People, I have a contributor! Nah... I sorta badgered her to letting me post it here... same thing.
My friend Haz (check out her site) posted a rant on her lovely Bester. Yes, that's right *lovely* Bester. I have posted a counter rant. Ravings section.

Took down the comics section... wallet too tight.... *gasp*wheeze* Special Aria collection.... argh!!

Added a review to Hexed. General Nonsense section.

2 new articles from The 11th Hour webmagazine.

An absolutely unbelievable thing... but I've got a mini rant added in the General Nonsense section. #6.

14th July 2000
Added a review for Free Fall, in the General Nonsense section.

Added a review for By Any Means Necessary, in the Reviews section. Transcript available.

Added a new section... Articles... old articles that I have (and managed to dredge up); a trip down the text-only memory lane.

23rd June 2000
Site revamp all done! What do you think? I like.......

Let's see... ok, I've added another fanfic.

Another rant added

A review for Rising Stars #6

Started reviewing crappy movies I've watched because there's B5 ppl in it. Under General Nonsense.

Added another rant on trading cards.

Successfully purged previous version of this site, and hopefully ironed out all the HTML kinks.

Main | Reviews | Ravings | General Nonsense | Links | Articles