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Babylon 5 talk: numerous soundbytes from the B5 crew

"Babylon 5 was the big one for me. It was a dream come true, because I grew up on Star Trek and I'd always wanted to play an alien, so my first job on the show was exactly what I wanted to do, and then Byron was a huge bonus."
- Robin Atkin Downes

"I miss Claudia's energy and enthusiasm, she was great fun, she was professional, but if I say those things, it doesn't take away from what I feel about Tracy. People say, 'Which is better, Babylon 5 or Deep Space
Nine?" Why does one have to be better? If you like all of them, watch all of them."
- Jerry Doyle

"What I found about this season's scripts (S5) as compared with the previous ones is they're a little more stand-aloneish in that even though there are elements that carried through in a serial fashion, I don't find them as dependent on creating future shows as in the past."
- David Eagle, director

"Joe is the secret phenomenon in this business-- while everybody is making much of Chris Carter and Joss Whedon and people like that, here is Joe doing stuff that is equally as remarkable as what Chris and the other guys have done and nobody knows about it."
- conceptual consultant Harlan Ellison

"TNT wants to do everything they can, in their own words, to keep Babylon 5 alive. They've discussed the idea of doing two to four movies a year, a sort of 'Tales of Babylon 5', and that's entirely possible. It would be interesting to see how we'd actually pull it off."
-John Copeland, producer

"Tracy brought not only a great strength of presence and personality, but you could see her working on things behind her eyes. To become a captain in any military, you can't be just someone who yells. You've got to be a thinking and sensible person, and she brought that to the table."
- J. Michael Straczynski


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