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  One of the most coolest Sailormoon manga sites with a gorgeous collection of pics. Manga Style
BuffyGuide The place for all your Buffy needs. Coolness.  
  The best site to check out for other Naoko Takeuchi's manga. Bonus : IT'S ALL TRANSLATED!! The Manga of Naoko Takeuchi
The Sanctuary I'm shocked. Yet another Caucasian guy that I like. What happened to all my Asian men? Aaron, Mamoru, Jet, Squall, Takeshi, Aamir... never mind. ^_*  
  A page on the Great One. The Unofficial Takeuchi Naoko Homepage
Sinfest Check it out. My inspiration. Ne comprende? Moving right along.  
  Owned by the famous Sailor Grub, this site has excellent layout and loads of Sailor Moon manga art in both colour and BW. Reflections
MegaTokyo  Very manga-ish. Their level of Japanese-ness leaves me in awe.  
  THE definitive guide to Sailor Moon. Mostly focused on the anime though. Hitoshi Doi's Sailor Moon Encyclopedia
Player vs. Player A really funny daily online comic strip by Scott Kurtz.   
  A lovely site on Sailor Moon (what else?!). Also features a beautiful collection of Sailor Moon wallpapers. The Moon Garden
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5  No significant updates now. BUT, there's an obscene amount of material for you to go through concerning EVERYTHING Babylon 5. You won't be bored. Promise.   
  The ONLY site of it's kind! Exclusive, never seen before pics!! What are you waiting for??? The Original Art Collection of Sailor Moon Vol. Infinity (00)
The 11th Hour  An extremely entertaining, insightful webmagazine for all us sci-fi/horror/fantasy fans out there. Girl power.  
  Does anyone else remember this Jim Henson movie? It was out before Labyrinth. Contact me if you do! The Dark Crystal - The Unofficial Home Page
Hindi Film Lyrics Not the most comprehensive, but it's certainly more up to date compared to other sites that I've been.  
  Features a special art section from the movie's poster artist. Labyrinth - Jim Henson's Fantasy Film
Aamir and His Fans One of the better fan sites on the greatest Indian actor of his generation, Aamir Khan. It helps he's handsome! :)  
  Sesame Street! The Muppet! Go! Labyrinth! Farscape! Go! Go! Jim Henson
Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart Anything and everything you could possibly want for any one of the Final Fantasy series. Really. I've got the FF9 OST...ooweee!  
  Wanna play the stock market but not use really money? Go to the HSX and give it a go. Tell them Liara sent you... Hollywood Stock Exchange
Club Jade / Club Skywalker What do you expect from a Mara/Luke fan?  
  My second favourite-Labyrinth site (#1 shut down -SOB!). I Love "Labyrinth"!
The Ephemeral Page One of the primary sources for X-Files fanfic. Might be our last best hope for decent storylines in the show. it says. How's that for understatement. Basically, a site with many amusing links. Like the Death Calculator.
 The Star Wars Fanfix The mother of all Star Wars fanfics repository.  Be prepared to be daunted. It's just HUGE.
The most informative site on movies ever!  The Internet Movie Database
 Udder Insanity! Nothing mindblowing, but if you fancy a game where you have to milk the cows before they explode from too much milk, then this is for you! It's so absurd, it's fun!
The place to go for all of 'em entertainment news. The coolest!  E!Online
 Encyclopedia Mythica A great online encyclopedia on lores, legends, myths of all the major cultures of the world. Not to mention bloody interesting reading.
snx8 introduced this site to me and I'm forever grateful! This site has the best links collection to all that is manga and anime, if you're a fan, go check it out.
 Anna M.C She writes great fanfics with a Terry Pratchett-ish bent. If you have a sense of humour, you'd appreciate it.
  Yet another great Sailormoon sites (you think I'd link up anything less than?!) with loads of stuff on mythology, astrology, lyrics, movies and more. Usagi's Diary
The Annotated Pratchett File Thanks to Annie for introducing me to this site. This is a great site to find out all those little jokes and pop culture references in Terry Pratchett's works. Part of the L-Space. I *love* Death.  
And I'll form the Head!
Final Fantasy: The Movie From those dudes at Squaresoft, who brought us the classic Final Fantasy series. If you've been hankering for more than just short FMV clips, *this is it*. The site itself isn't much, but the constantly updated trailers is worth it.
Coolness personified. Check out the comics! Fantastic! What is The Matrix?
Lord of The Rings Official Movie Site For an old language Professor, J.R.R. Tolkien sure did make good.
Jet Li - Lethal, graceful and kicks major arse. Not to mention looking damn adorable while doing it too. Jet Li
Usagi and Mamoru You expect us to explain what this site is all about?
The place for daily updates on Star Wars. Anything at all. Even the kitchen sink, most likely, if it's in any way involved in SW. The

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