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The First Roll of Film

Original picture very not de center, but at least silly boy made us laugh.
Eda, Faizah, me, Miza and Azwa

Stray person in pink (original picture almost overwhelmed by golden bunga manggar)

Peace! Azwa (Peter Pan), Miza (Salem), Faizah (Waternose), X-Men, Eda (Goku)
An (Pocahontas), Taufik (Samurai X), Udin (Mickey), Zul (Panda), Azrul (Majin Buu)

Too many people for the bunga manggar to overwhelm. :D Picture taken while a pair of boys on stage tengah syok sendiri singing love songs. Heh. That night, all them guys so sengau.... WHY??

No longer at dinner la. Finishing the film punya pasal. My classmates: Yunn, Miza, Azwa and Azah.

control ayu people! :P (note the recurring senyuman plastik. ^_^)

Now overwhelmed by foliage. If the pool was a little deeper, aku berendam je. Heh. Notice fondness for pink.