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    There's something to be said about a Bester groupie. 'Frightening' being one of them. Not that I have anything against my friend being a Bester groupie (I mean like hey, I like Sheridan. Smiles and all) but I thought her article made her to look like a misunderstood *sane* person. :) Misunderstood, certainly. Sane? Ha!

    Do you know how disconcerting it is to eat pizza and have your friend, for no apparent reason (and no fault of your own) just started to look deep into your eyes and said "I missed you"? First thought: Didn't we just met in college yesterday? Second thought: Oy, that sounds like... a Bester quote! "HAZ!!!"

    It's disturbing, I tell you.

    Besides that, I do feel a bit like Mary Shelley's Dr. Frankenstein. I've created a monster. Nyaargh!!! Should I rue the day I made her watch B5? Probably not, since no one else would bother listening to my rants (Primarily involving how much like a kebarung is Delenn's dress and the fact Death's too cute! Err... a bit of Discworld there). I can't really fault her though. Compared to an ageless personification of Death, a 7-feet skeleton clothed in a robe of absolute darkness, a smarmy lecherous cheeky bastard is nothing (maybe I ought to get that phrase copyrighted).

    Please be clear, I have nothing against Walter Koenig. I mean, if he can make me hate a senior citizen so much, he must be doing something right. I do follow Star Trek to a point (let me just say, a lost starship with a femme captain whose surname just so happens to be feminine-sounding doesn't interest me in the least), but sad to say, I never remembered much of Chekov. The Original Series were never shown here (I'm pretty sure; I did most of my growing up in front of the idiot box), the Animated Series did, he wasn't in it (and I just couldn't get past the awful art; I was a kid, who cares about stories? The cartoon sucked! Let's watch some anime!) but I did watch the movies (except the last one where they went off to find God, or something) and in true Chekov fashion (this goes for Uhura and Sulu) barely registers as a blip in my mental consciousness. Although all this talk of him and Chekov is bringing back memories of his accent....

    Oh-kay, that wasn't the point of this whole rant. Wait a minute, was there a point to begin with? Hmmm.... Ah yes, the first time Haz came to me and initiated the whole B5 gushing routine (usually I had to begin), it was the day after the episode in S2 which Bester was in and she saw. Can't remember which. I did remember being totally grossed-out by the Luke Skywalker in Return of The Jedi comparisons. But hey, after that, her journey to the Dark Side is complete.... heheheheeh.

    I do totally agree that Bester is one hell of a villain. I totally agree that the man ought to be shot. What I don't agree to is having personal PA announcements made by my friend which would involve punctuating every 10 minutes of normal conversation with the declaration that "Bester is short and cute!" Never mind me. Never mind the dirty and strange looks(used to it). But I am seriously doubting the sanity of my friend.

    She did have a revelation. She realised how much she've been going on about the man (really?) and is making an effort to cut down on the frankly freaky expressions of her adoration. The height of her dementia: Quoting Bester and at one point, contemplating how would a person with a useless left hand would act, and promptly made her left hand useless. Oh, and including acting out the White Star scene in 'Epiphanies' with me as the unsuspecting Lyta.


    But I love her. I can't help it. Of course I'm the only one who would bear her fits (I have many experiences... another friend has a personality and a family tree that as recent as the latest movie that she likes. Right now she's trying to figure out where to put the X-Men in. Oh Xena's a *distant* relation). Grudgingly, I do admit Bester's cute. But that's because it's Walter K's face. He's still a sod. :)

    And my final two cents: Should Haz ever met the man on a bad day, I have a half a mind to think that perhaps he'll pull a Granny Weatherwax and make her *think* she's a frog. Entirely possible, and very very likely.

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