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Trading Cards, mad for it!

    There's something incredibly sad about the sight of me buying trading cards. Maybe because, among my friends, I 'm the only one who bothers.

    Does that make me pathetic? Unquestionably.

    But I have such fun, why shouldn't I go on?

    I haven't been buying trading cards ever since they stopped selling X-Files trading cards. Anyway, I was accompanying my cousin (who came a-visiting from Oregon) to a vending machine just at the entrance of this pharmacy so she can buy all them Pokemon cards. So yeah, I went, and I saw them. A whole row of B5 trading cards (in packs of 8 each) just waiting to be bought. So I've found my cliff, and wasted no time in jumping. I think, that day alone (including all the return trips) I've bought 5 packs. RM2 per pack. Not bad work, spending RM10 on something like this. I've drunk Ice Blended that's more expensive.

    And I've been buying ever since. Not so much these days, since my mum is using my car, since hers was involved in an accident. I think, at the last count, my cards have exceeded 100.

    But I've got so many copies! (That's where the sad part comes in, because I have no one else to trade it with) I've got 2 of Julie Musante and 3 of Jeremiah (gave one away to my brother though). Who? Eh?


    And I don't have a Sinclair character card! At least, I'm assuming he has one. I have 3 of him as a guest/recurring character card. I've got 3 Delenn character cards and 2 of Sheridan. I need a Sinclair character card to complete the triumvirate!

    The ones I'm buying encompass Season 2 and Season 3, by Skybox. They're not bad-looking, kinda neat, but not very sophisticated like. Compared to the X-Files' one by Topps that's much cooler. For one thing, they have exclusive episode paintings on the backs of the episode cards. I can't decide which ones is my favourite: 'D.P.O', 'Grotesque' or 'Oubliette'. And they have hologram cards! Massively cool. And they included inventory cards (randomly dispersed, of course), so I know what exactly I'm missing. But then again, the X-Files Trading Cards were gothic (immediate cool points there); the B5 ones were rather colourful. But I love the show, so all is forgiven. ^.*

    At least they have 'Words from the Creator' cards. JMS soundbytes! Beat that, ha! Niiice. And the Creator Collection (pr something) where they talk about the hard work out in to create the F/X. There's Trivia cards (though they remind me strongly of Trivial Pursuit). And Nightwatch posters! I can't even begin to decipher the Drazi one that I've got.

    But if I had one major gripe, it's the positioning of the printed opposing side of the cards. It's mind-boggling. Naturally, I would flip a card sideways. Doing that in this case however, would result in seeing the other side upside down. ::grumbles:: Never had that problem with my X-Files cards. I have to flip it upwards. Can't really explain it well, so make an effort towards capitalism and buy the cards and see what the hell I'm talking about.

    One last thing: one of the Early History cards is about President Santiago's assassination and shows Earth Force One blowing up. Now I know that's EA1, but when I first saw it, I thought, "They destroyed the Enterprise!"

    Heh. Sorry.

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