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I love comics! (I just hate the price)

    I love comics. I do. I'd read 'em all, if I could. Japanese, Western, Hong Kong... anything.

    What I don't like however, is the price on some of them, specifically western ones. At least Japanese manga and HK comics have their much cheaper translations available. But the western ones.... ack! And the godforsaken price is why I don't have an extensive comic collection.

    It's not just that, some comics aren't available here. What can I say? Economics at work baybee. If the guys think there's no market here, there won't be any comics of the kind sold. Maybe some of the bigger chains stock them, but the little ones generally carry popular ones mostly. For instance, there's no Babylon 5 comics sold here. And the Union series (the one where Luke and Mara got married), well the shop that I usually frequent do not stock them. But Mind Shop (another outlet, much bigger) did have them. Only one copy. As I didn't want to go into a tussle with my friend Haz (another big SW fan; I think we're the only ones in college or anywhere else in Malaysia who was so excited about the marriage), because Mara and Luke might be really cool people getting married, I really don't think I ought to fight over them. So I asked another friend of mine in New York to buy it for me (thankfully, she too, is a big comic fan).

    Happily though, she decided to make it my birthday present, so I'll get them free (when she finally arrives in July; had to make a stop in Geneva first, I think). But still, western comics cost A LOT. The only comic I buy regularly is Aria, by Avalon Comics. Great art, great story, totally worth every cent. If I were like another friend, who buys the X-Men series regularly, along with the Young Justice League (I think that's the title; it's the one with Green Lantern, Nightwing, Arrowette etc...) and not to mention other titles from other genres like manga (Sailormoon, Dragonball Z, Yuyu Hakusho, etc...), or my NY friend, who buys Batman and all sorts, I'd be dead broke. Thankfully, the Sailormoon manga that I bought ended it's run by the time Aria came out. Or I'd be moaning at the sad state of my wallet (then again, I've always moaned about the sad state of my wallet). And my brother buys all the Dragonball Z and Doraemon editions. So I get to share. Hehehe....

    Let me draw an example. Dollar-for-dollar, I think the items over here and in the US (for example) carries the same value. I mean, a cinema ticket in NY cost about $9. Here, it costs RM9. (This is of course, not including all sorts of discounts and special offers that might be offered) However, a comic that costs $2.50 over there, upon arrival here (after all the freight charges and currency exchange), costs a cool RM10.50.  I'd die frothing at the lips if I decide to go really insane and buy all the titles I want. And I want a lot.... Uuuuu........

    And so that's why I love comics, but I just hate the price.

    Does anyone have a mint copy of the Death of Superman? I was 12 at the time, I have no money!

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