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Why the site?

    I don't know really.

    Ok, this is one long grandmother story la. You sure you wanna endure this?

    All right then. Waaaaay back in 1995, TV2 showed the first season of B5 to us Malaysians. I was a casual watcher back then. Needless to say, I was an idiot. My best friend T.j, was the bigger fan. I wasn't because I had tuition and stuff.

    But I was interested in B5 even before that. I was in Singapore, a year before, in the hotel room, eating take out Hainanese chicken rice when TCS 5 showed an episode of this spiffy new sci-fi show, which as far as I could make out, wasn't related to Star Trek. I thought "Cool!". Don't ask me what episode it was because all I could remember about this really cool show that's only showing in Singapore was that there's this twirly portal thing that appears in space for ships to pass through (jumpgate) and those spotty alien dudes (snaps if you could guess my description for Narns; my favourite race!).

    And I came back to Malaysia to my non-B5 life. Ho-hum. And when it finally made it here, I was very interested. Interested enough to catch the pilot (not that I can remember a thing. Except the 2nd-in-command was this Asian chick). I regularly follow the show, but when it ended, it wasn't too big a deal. (I know. *Gasp!*) T.j was mad though. I mean hell, you have Delenn in a chrysalis and no follow up? *@#$!!!! I was upset, but not quite so much.

    And then 2000 came. And God bless ntv7, the newest TV station! Babylon 5 is now on for 3 nights a week (barring interruptions), starting from 2nd season. And now that I'm no longer an idiot (at least, I like to think so), I'm a true-blue obsessed fan. Yippedee-ya-yay.

    A note of warning: I freely admit I don't know much about the little details of life, for I am still young and (you know it) an idiot. Therefore, it probably won't be as critical as some would like. In fact, by the very title of the site, this is a just an exercise in megalomania :). So, take a long around, enjoy the reviews and remember, "Babylon 5 rules!"

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